Which Catalogues Sell Converse?

Looking for a pair of classic Chuck’s? Want a simple white, colourful finish, or anything in between? Whether you want to rock the low or high tops, there are a number of places you can choose to visit when shopping for a pair of Converse shoes or clothes. But, which sites are most reputable and where can you find the best deals and finance options when time comes for you to buy the shoes you looking for.


Yes, converse.co.uk carries all the latest styles. It is the site for the company, meaning you are going to find a great pair of Converse kicks. With this in mind, it is not going to offer the financing you wish to find. It is not going to offer unique packages, and you are not going to find prices below retail here. So, where do you go for these options when buying your shoes?

Office.co.uk –
Consider this site for Converse as well as other name brand kicks. Nike, Timberland, Jordan, Ugg, you can find it all on this site. With financing options available, new and old kicks, the classic as well as new, modern, traditional styles, you choose what you want to find and buy, and the site is going to have it. Sizes and styles for men, women, and kids are available, so there is no shortage of items you can find, or great bargains to be found, when you are looking for a fresh pair of Converse shoes online.

Next.co.uk –
This UK site also offers a great deal of styles, variety, and options when shopping for your new Converse shoes. With low and high top options, with great prices, rates below retail, and of course the pay weekly or pay monthly options, you choose how much or little you are going to pay, when you are financing the purchase of your shoes.

Customers in the UK who love great looks, styles, the latest fashion, and top name brands like Converse, have to know where to go in order to find them. But, with certain sites over pricing items, or carrying limited variety, you might not always find what you are looking for. When you want new styles, the latest fashions, or classics, where do you go? These are a couple of the most well-known sites, which not only carry Converse, but a wide range of designer names, as well as the style and financing options which can’t be beat.