Top 3 Catalogues for Large Women

Many women just can’t find the right clothes that flatter their figure on the UK high street. In fact, some retailers are pretty inflexible with their sizes, leaving women to shop elsewhere. If you can’t find the right clothes in your town or shopping centre, using a catalogue company might help instead. Retailers that offer flexible finance often sell clothes that you won’t always find on the shelves of conventional retailers, including sizes up to 32 and beyond. Here are the top 3 catalogues for large women.

1. Curvissa
Curvissa is one of the UK’s top catalogue brands for plus-sized women, with a range of clothes that you won’t always find on the UK high street, including sizes that range from 14 to 32. Here you’ll find everything from hats to shoes to coats to accessories, which are all displayed on an online store that’s easy to navigate. The company has a wide range of finance options, too, so you can spread the cost of your order over time and receive details of any products you purchase in the post. As a new customer, you could receive a range of benefits. The company offers 30 percent off and free delivery for new customers who open a brand new personal account on their website. Couple this with a discount code and you could make a considerable saving on the total cost of your first order with the brand.

2. La Redoute
La Redoute is a French fashion retailer that brings plus-sized clothes to British women. The retailer has been around for many years and has garnered a loyal fan base, specialising in clothes in sizes that other retailers just don’t stock. You’ll find various brands under one roof and you can have your items delivered to your home address. What’s more, there are a number of customer service options if you have a query or just need some additional help, including email and phone. Here you can talk to a member of staff and expect a speedy response.

3. Freemans
Like La Redoute and Curvissa, Freemans stocks various clothes in one place, including sizes 14 to 32. When you open a new personal account with the brand, you can choose from thousands of clothes and have them sent to your home in a speedy timeframe. Other benefits when you open a new account with Freemans include special promotions throughout the year and top notch customer service. Their website is easy to navigate, too, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.