Online Credit Options for PC World

Buying a new PC, laptop, or other electronic goods? You can finance these purchases over a period of time, rather than pay the full price up front for some of the high priced items you want to buy. So when you are ready to make a big ticket purchase, these are a few of the credit and financing options you are going to have available to you for the purchases you are going to make.

Buy now pay later –
With this option you put a 10% deposit down and after six months you pay the remaining balance along with a £25 settlement fee, or you can choose to spread the remaining balance over a period of 36 months if you don’t have the remaining balance available. Interest will accrue if you spread it over 36 months (based on credit and other factors).

Simply 10 –
This repayment option requires a 10% down payment, and then 10 equal monthly payments for the remaining balance of the item you purchase. A 26.3% representative APR interest is charged on this financing option, so this will be added to the 10 remaining payments you make over the next year.

Pay in Parts –
This option requires a 10% down payment, then the customer can choose to repay over 24 or over a 36 month span for the remaining balance of the item. A 19.9% APR is charged with this repayment plan, and it is typically allocated for bigger ticket, high priced appliances or electronic goods that customers purchase.

Want to lease? –
Customers can also choose to lease the purchases they make if they continually like to update and upgrade to the latest goods available on the market. With the 2 lease flex option you can upgrade to the latest model of any electronic good, or can wait the full 2 year period, and upgrade at the end, to receive a 15% discount on the latest model item they replace their prior electronics for at that period in time.

You don’t have to pay the full purchase price for your pricey electronics when you are ready to buy; with PC World you are going to find a number of repayment options from which you can choose. So whether you simply love to update appliances regularly, want to spread the cost out over time, or do not have the full amount up front, these are some of the financing options you can choose from, when the time comes to choose the items you are going to buy from the online catalogue vendor.