No Credit History Catalogues & Stores

For those who are looking for a no credit check catalogue we will make the point early on that they don’t exist. All of the catalogues and stores on this site will credit check you or at least check your current financial situation. Any store that says they don’t credit check you normally charge a very high interest rate and as such we do not recommend them. However, if you simply don’t have any credit history whatsoever, then your credit rating isn’t bad. As such, the below catalogues might be ideal for you.

Catalogue Rating Products Review Visit
brighthouse 9/10 Electricals, Appliances & Furniture Read Review Visit Site
dialatv 8/10 Laptops, Tablets, TV’s and Appliances Read Review Visit Site
homebuy 7/10 TVs, Appliances & Furniture Read Review Visit Site

Many online retailers offer credit options such as buy now pay later, where you don’t need to make any payments upon buying and for a period of time prescribed by the retailer. Other credit options include weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment schemes where payment is expected after regular intervals of time, with a certain amount of interest charged annually. However, for these credit options to be available to customers, retailers run a creditability check, examining the finance history of the customer.

Why Your Credit Rating is Important
This forms a hurdle because a bad credit rating would make the payment options such as the ones above unavailable. It is difficult to come across retailers that offer no credit check catalogues, since nobody would willingly lend without the assurance of being paid back. However, there are some retailers that do not look at the history of an individual’s credit standing. An individual’s current bank statements and availability of a stable job are enough to determine his/her creditability for such retailers. Essentially, these retailers have more relaxed rules regarding bad credit ratings as compared to other retailers. However, they do tend to charge higher interest rates.

Are there any No Credit Check Catalogues?
No, not really. Bright House, an online retailer in home-styling and homemaking products, offers a credit coverage scheme that is lenient with customers with bad credit. They offer quick and simple credit options where they give little or no importance to credit history, but are interested in the customers’ present and future capability of paying the amount credited. They do not demand any deposit to be paid upfront upon purchase.

Perfect Home is another such retailer in household furniture, appliances and gadgets that offers credit based on proofs of identity, address, source of income and a minimum of 3 personal references from family and friends. Both offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly payment options, and this scheme is applicable to all products offered.

Easy credit options such as these have made it possible for people to own products from leading brands while improving their own creditability, with just a click.