Laptops, Macbooks and Desktops on Finance

Whether it is work-related or personal, having a laptop with you on the go is never a bad idea. However, laptops are generally among the more expensive goods, not to mention their cost of maintenance, and a lot of people are unable to get a laptop for this very reason. Getting a laptop on finance could be the solution. Various online retailers have come up with innovative customer financing schemes, so that even customers with a poor credit standing could reap the benefits of owning a good quality laptop from a known and reliable brand. Credit provided subject to successful credit and affordability checks.

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Where can I get a Laptop on Credit?
Argos, the online retailer dealing in all sorts of items, especially electronic gadgets, has come up with a monthly payment scheme which is very popular among its buyers. The buyer is required to open an account, after which he/she is given a payment holiday for a month from the point of buying. Payment is then to be made in monthly instalments as prescribed by the retailer. Argos also offers discounts on certain laptops.

Homebuy, an online retailer in electronic gadgets, furniture and appliances also offers a buy now pay later customer credit option, which runs a credit check and offers a suitable credit option to its customers if they’ve been approved. It also offers a pay monthly option. It’s important to point out here that Homebuy care more about your current ability to pay off your debt rather than your overall credit history however you must still pass their credit and affordability checks before you can be accepted.

Prudency is required on the part of the customer too; buying a relatively inexpensive laptop would mean reducing your credit commitment period so you can realistically pay back the retailer in time.