Fridges and Freezers on Finance

Cooking is essential for a leading a healthy and nourished life, and even if one is used to take-outs and leftovers, it is impractical to resort to them for every meal. Refrigerators and freezers help preserve fruits and vegetables at their freshest best and keep your kitchen preparations as well as take-outs for another day.

That being said, the fridge and freezer have become an essential part of your kitchen and when one breaks it’s vital to replace as soon as possible. This is where fridges and freezers on finance comes in handy. If you’re accepted for a credit plan with a catalogue you can normally spread the cost of the fridge or freezer over several months.

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Refrigerators are therefore vital for any kitchen, but at the same time, buying a fridge from a good quality and reliable brand at relatively cheaper rates is nothing short of a challenge. Owning a poor quality fridge would mean high maintenance costs which will cause even more problems down the line.

Where can I get a Fridge or Freezer on Finance
Lookagain, an online retailer dealing in electricals, furniture, fashion and appliances offers customer financing options, where the buyers can own a Fridge and Freezer from well known brands on a monthly payment basis. The monthly instalment is minimal and therefore the buyer can spread the cost of the refrigerator over 12, 18, 24 or even 36 months.

No deposit or payment is expected for 28 days upon purchase, and over a period of time, consistent repayment is rewarded with a probable decrease in the minimum amount to be paid per month.

Homebuy is another online retailer that offers a wide variety of refrigerators from brands such as Haier, Beko, Hotpoint and Samsung, and even exclusive models from these brands, on a weekly payment basis for those approved customers. The fridges offered by Homebuy fulfill all kinds of space and form requirements; wall-to-wall, under the counter, top and bottom freezers, you name it.

Such consumer credit options are especially beneficial for buyers with bad credit rating, in which case this is also an opportunity for them to improve their credit standing if they continue to make on-time repayments. Credit provided subject to successful credit and affordability checks.